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Instalacija E.V.G. was founded in 1990 and is headquartered in Negotin.

Focusing on renewable energy has come from the growing global trends and opinions that is the future of the energy sector.

Heating and cooling systems are the key components of any building, providing comfort throughout the year. They are formed by three components: energy sources, heat production and heat distribution.

Beside heating system, Instalacija E.V.G. offers You submersible pumps, solar water system appliances and pumps for water supply and drainage.

Heating and cooling are processes that consume energy. Traditional sources of energy for heating space are wood, natural gas, coal, oil and electric energy that is generated from a primary source energy. The standard way of heating is burning fuel that is used as a source of heat in the boiler which heats the water.

In the case of electric heating, electric resistance is used to convert electrical energy into heat. With the exception of electrical space heating, generation of heat includes water heating which then circulates through a distribution system in a space that is heated.

The most commonly used are radiators. As radiators are larger in size, the lower the temperature is in them.
Circulating the water of lower temperature has several advantages.
Those are:

   - greater efficiency,
   - lower losses,
   - a more comfortable stay in the room.
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