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Why is the construction of a solar system of enormous significance?

Because environmental conditions like wind, snow, temperature variations, etc. permanently affect the system, and because the actual usage of the system mainly depends on this influences.

MIR11 is new solar system, solar thermal collector.

The function of this system is based on a process of concentration of solar heat. Two axle driven mirror satellite dish focuses the sun rays, the sun’s energy is concentrated directly to the absorber (solar receiver).

Absorber is installed at the focal point of the parabol mirror. Regardless of the season, the heat carrier medium can be heated at over 1000°C.


Concentrator size of the system is 11,0 m2.
Focus dimension is 15 cm.
The system has a heating value of about 6,2 KW.

This is the heating power which, in summer and in winter, heats the water or heating medium to a temperature of over 60°C.

Storm prevention

For this system to be protected from strong wind or even storm, it is equipped with sensors for wind.
When strong wind blows solar system is placed in a strong position, resistant to storms. This position will remain until the wind is abated, and there is no danger to the solar system.

The system was successfully tested on a gust of wind of about 90 km/h. Electronic control unit contains all the necessary elements needed for optimum functionality of the system:
Guiding system,
Protection against strong wind / storm,
Protection against overheating.

Delta19 – Solar guidance

Solar guidance is a system for optimizing the use of solar energy. This system adjusts the solar device, both horizontally and vertically, to the position of the sun.

The guidance system is controlled by microprocessors that respond to the slightest deviation. This ensures 100% vertical irradiation of the absorption surface and thus the best possible utilization of solar energy.

The solar guidance system has an azimuth angle (horizontal angle) of 200 ° and an elevation angle (vertical angle) of up to 80 °. This allows the solar system to adapt optimally to different sun positions and seasons.





Monitoring is controlled by a microprocessor.

The computer program is again supported by sensors. The angle of incidence of the sun’s rays is monitored.

This guarantees 100% vertical radiation of the absorber surface and thus the best possible energy efficiency.

ALL SYSTEMS achieve an energy yield that is unattainable with conventional solar systems.

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