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Size of systems concentrator is 7,4 m2 and has a heating value of ca. 4,2 KW. This is the heating power which, in summer and in winter, heats the water to more than 60°C, witch is enough for heating an area of about 40 m2. Value obtained on 12.19.2010 at 11:00 h:
The air temperature: 0,0°C,
Amount of water in the receiver: 15L,
The water temperature in the receiver climbed from 81°C to 105°C in aperiod of 6 min. i 43 sec.

What this system provides is:
   - Optimal physical process,
   - High technical practicality and outstanding environmental benefit,
   - Easy and quick installation.
Why is the construction of a solar system of enormous significance?

Because environmental conditions like wind, snow, temperature variations, etc. permanently affect the system, and because the actual usage of the system mainly depends on this influences.

TESLA 7 is new solar system, solar thermal collector.

The function of this system is based on a process of concentration of solar heat. Two axle driven mirror satellite dish focuses the sun rays, the sun's energy is concentrated directly to the absorber (solar receiver).

Absorber is installed at the focal point of the parabol mirror, heat carrier medium in it can be heated up to over 600°C (measured value is 640°C ).

The solar system is long lasting, weather and storm resistant.

The solar system is using the solar energy optimaly, so that a degree of overall operations to 70%. Comparison: solar cells now achieve 8-13%, solar collectors 30-50%.